Dual-purpose Air Disinfector For Home And Business AS04


Product dimensions :303*130*110mm

Product weight :0.9 kg

Batteries :6000mAh

Charging duration :4-5 hours

Working duration :8 hours

Voice (dBA) :32-40 dB

range of action :The best effect is less than 100 mi.

key :Button, ON/OFF

Indicators :4 * indicator, blue

Fittings :Manual 1, 12 V 2 A charger
+T-C port cable * 1



Main components of the product (as shown in the AS04 interior):

ABS shell, plasma module, nano-ceramic flame retardant material, fan, PCB board, lithium ion polymer battery, button, indicator, etc.

How it works:

The air passes through the low-temperature plasma discharge region to decompose the originally extremely stable H2O and O2 oxygen molecules into hydroxide-OH, free oxygen atoms, superoxide ions and other oxides by catalytic reactions of billions per second. These active substances quickly diffuse into the air, actively break the chemical bonds of pollutants, and destroy the cell membrane of bacteria, thus achieving the effect of killing bacteria, viruses and eliminating odors. Products are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and safer!

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